Tizzard's Owners' Day - September 12th 2021

The following links go to folders roughly corresponding to the order of the horses paraded on the day. Simply click on the links below to view the images in a gallery format. By clicking on any single image you can view larger versions and move through the images one by one.

Please note that the images displayed on this website are low resolution files. The digital copies I hold are much larger files with more detailed resolution and are easily capable of being printed up to A2 size and beyond.
I can provide you with prints, mounted prints, Folio boxed prints on board, Photo books, Photo Albums and Wall Art up to 28" by 20" ready to go on a wall.

To view images of some of the range of products I can provide, do have a look at the Buy Images page on this website. Prices are included at the foot of that page. You can also give me a call and arrange to have a look at some samples.
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First set of images

Second set of images

Third set of images

Fourth set of images

Fifth set of images

Sixth set of images

Seventh and final set of images

All images are copyright © B.F. Stubbs 2021